Thanks for taking a moment to stop by! Below you will find information about my teaching studio, and approach. Let me begin by saying that I enjoy playing, and teaching, all styles of guitar!


Currently, I teach from my office at Metro Gnome Music, 4044 E Speedway Blvd, and at Pima Community College‘s West Campus Center for Fine Arts, 2202 W Anklam Rd.


My instruction methods are seasoned with over 25 years of professional teaching, practice, and performing experience.

I’ve taught guitar in classroom and individual settings at three major universities (SUNY Fredonia ’96-’97, University of Akron ’97-’99, and University of Arizona ’00-’03), and currently at Pima Community College’s Center for Fine Arts since 2004. I have also taught all styles of guitar from my private studio, located in central Tucson, since 1999.


I firmly believe that there is no “one way for everybody” when it comes to learning guitar.  I work very hard to customize lesson plans in order to help you meet your goals.  Some of my students are preparing for careers as professional musicians, whereas some utilize their weekly lesson time for the pure joy of playing through pieces, learning new songs, improving their technique, or learning music theory.  Many of my students form bands and use their lessons to focus on songwriting, improvisation, chops, and tone sculpting. Others are preparing for teaching careers, recording sessions, concert tours, college auditions, workshops, or national and international competitions. I work with people of all ages and musical backgrounds. All styles are welcome!


Typically, the best way to go about setting up lessons is to come by my office to visit for about a half-hour, so we can meet and discuss what interests you most about guitar, and what I can help you accomplish. This conversation can also be done over the phone or email, but works best in person. Next we decide on a regular, weekly day and time that works for you. Bi-weekly lessons can be arranged, but unless you are an advanced player, weekly lessons are strongly recommended. Sessions are organized into half-hour slots.  For beginners, a single half-hour slot once a week is recommended. This can always be extended to an hour or more if you feel you want more each week. If you are frequently out of town, and can only come by once in a while, we can work around your availability, but time slots cannot be held while you’re away, and there is a separate fee structure for non-regular students. I do my best to accommodate everyone, and finding a time is rarely an issue.


My office contains state of the art teaching materials, including high speed internet access, printing capabilities, recording software, instructional software, and many books on various  topics related to music. I also have matching, multi-channel Vox amplifiers, with great crunch, distortion, cleans, and multi-effects for you to use during your lessons. I always keep several different types of guitars in my office, so whatever you bring with you, I’ll be able to match it stylistically. All you need to provide is your own guitar and a desire to learn!


My rates are $35 per half-hour slot with regular weekly attendance, or $35 per half-hour with non-regular weekly attendance. Hour slots are available by combining two half-hour slots.

There Are Two Payment Options

Option 1: $30 lessons are paid at the beginning of each month. I have an 80% attendance policy, which means 3 out of 4 lessons must be attended or paid for in a 4-week month, and 4 out of 5 in a 5-week month. Your lesson time and rate will be reserved, meaning your time slot is held for you for the month, with on-time payment and regular attendance. Make-ups can be arranged based on availability.

Option 2: $35 lessons on a week-to-week basis. Lessons times are confirmed on a weekly basis. Available lesson times may vary. All scheduled lessons must be paid for.

“What happens if I need to cancel a lesson?”

If you have paid for the month in advance, you can use one of your cancellations and still maintain an 80% attendance. If you have already used a cancellation, any additional missed lessons must be paid for.

Paying for monthly lessons has a great advantage over week-to-week in that you save money, reserve your spot, and stay motivated through your commitment towards progress!


Pima College Audition Requirements

If you are interested in studying classical guitar at Pima College, you must be enrolled as a music major.  Once you have made the decision to do so, and have enrolled, the next step is to set up an audition. I can meet for auditions at my office at Southwest Guitar Studio, Tuesday-Saturday in the afternoon and evening year round, or at Pima’s West Campus, Monday-Thursday in the morning during the academic school year.  Auditions must be arranged in advance, and times are based on availability.

In order to pass the audition you will be required to demonstrate the ability to read music written for a nylon string classical guitar (reading TAB does not fulfill this requirement).  You will be required to demonstrate your ability to play the guitar with proper technique in both hands.  You can find examples of this on the Video page.  You must have at least one piece for solo classical guitar ready to perform during the audition, and must be selected from the standard repertoire.  If you are unsure about what may fit this description, please contact me for suggestions.  I strongly recommend learning Matteo Carcassi’s Studies 1, 2, and 3, from his “25 Melodious Studies” Op. 60,  as they are required learning during your first semester of study at Pima.  I have posted a video of these studies on the Video page.  The sheet music for these studies can be downloaded here.  If the audition is successful, you must then enroll in MUP162 through the registrar’s office at Pima West Campus, and once your course fees have been paid, a weekly meeting time will be scheduled.  All lessons will be held in the CFA Music Building, at Pima West Campus, Monday-Thursday.

If you have played guitar before, but are brand new to classical guitar technique and repertoire, I strongly encourage you contact me for some lessons so I can help you to prepare for the audition.  This way you will be able to maximize your gains during the academic year.