Guitar Mastery: A Rhythmic Approach to Acoustic Guitar, 2nd Edition

Guitar Mastery: A Rhythmic Approach to Acoustic Guitar, 2nd Edition, by Ben McCartney

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This is my latest publication! The first half of this book is designed to get you strumming with a solid sense of rhythm, while at the same time building a thorough chord vocabulary. The second half of the book moves forward, tackling more advanced techniques associated with finger picking and note reading. Here’s what is already being said about this brand approach:

“McCartney goes straight to the heart of all great guitar playing: rhythm. To do this, he starts the book with the motivating factor that drives so many students to purchase a guitar: the joy of playing. McCartney’s book has the student strumming and playing chords within the first two chapters. Furthermore, he dispenses with the [belittling] “Mary Had a Little Lamb” exercises that characterize so many beginning guitar books, and gets students right into playing blues, folk and classical rhythms before they begin the more difficult process of reading music. That aspect of guitar playing is certainly not neglected: chapters 2 through 7 provide a fresh and innovative approach to teaching reading, chord theory, etc. – after the students already have a good working knowledge and ability in fretting, strumming and fingerpicking. This is utterly refreshing! Students are given the tools to play immediately, and then given the theory to take their playing to a more complicated level after they have already developed a warm understanding of the physical aspects of playing the guitar. This differs greatly from the majority of beginner’s books which push theory over joy, and text over the actually art of playing. The theory and textual aspects are there to support the playing; the playing is not there as an after-thought to the theory.

‘A Rhythmic Approach to Acoustic Guitar’ is the best beginner’s book for learning guitar that I have encountered in over 30 years of playing [and teaching] guitar. I highly recommend it for students who wish to get up and play acoustic guitar as quickly as possible.”

John Bormanis, Phd.

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